J-Tech 10 offers many types of support and services to our customers.

This page is broken down into these sections:

  • Web Site Hosting
    • Email Hosting Support
  • Web Site Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Programming
  • Mass Mail Campaign Management

Web Site Hosting

Web hosting is easy to come by, and pretty cheap. One problem with getting a hosting account with a national host or host reseller is that you never have “root access” to the server on which your site is hosted. You’re really just renting space on someone else’s system.

This can be problematic for installing some types of software or some modular features that the hosting company might not want to install. It also poses more of a security risk because you are sharing a server with hundreds or even thousands of other users – other customers of the parent hosting company.

At J-Tech 10 we maintain complete ownership over our own web servers. We do not share a server or server space with other customers of a parent hosting company. We are the parent company. This gives us “root access” to the system.

J-Tech 10 maintains 2 state-of-the-art Linux web servers. Our servers are very well maintained, our system has fast response times and lots of bandwidth.

Prices for hosting with J-Tech 10 start at $50/yr for personal and $100/yr for business. Prices are higher for accounts that have heavy bandwidth or storage needs. Also, hosting will be included if you contract us to manage your site.

Email Hosting Support

Email hosting is different from web site hosting in that it handles and stores email instead of web site files. J-Tech 10 does not offer email hosting.

We do, however, offer full support for setting up email hosting with any of the service providers that our customers choose. These may include Google Business Apps, Rackspace Email, Zoho Mail and many others.

Web Site Management

Web site management is far more in-depth than just web hosting.

Management of a site includes monitoring site statistics, software updates, debugging errors and other issues. It also may include contact management – blog posts, photography, integration with social networks, etc.

Each customer is different and each contract is priced accordingly. Web hosting is always included with any management contract.

SEO Services

If you’re trying to get more traffic to your site then you need to consider properly setting up and continually monitoring SEO aspects of your site. J-Tech 10 is familiar with SEO plugins and concepts and we can help you get your site “SEO friendly.”

We can also assist in the best SEO approach of all – new content. The single best way to improve SEO results is to continually crate new content. This includes blog posts, new videos and calendar events.

J-Tech 10 can work with you to develop a target strategy and implement that strategy to drive traffic to your site.


Are you ready to sell some merchandise on the web?

J-Tech 10 is familiar with several e-commerce systems. We will help you set up your store, shopping cart, and check out areas. We can help with payment gateways, tax issues and even shipping orders.

We can also help manage stock line counts and changing inventory.

Mass Mail Campaign Management

Got a lot of email addresses? Want to put them to good use without being labeled “a spammer”?

J-Tech 10 can help you set up and manage regular mass mail campaigns. With features like grouping, open and click rates, and bounced address removal, J-Tech 10 can help you reach your customers.


J-Tech 10 has staff that is familiar with several areas of web programming. Most notably, PHP and Javascript. If you need programming in these languages then we can help. We are also adept with the other aspects of web programming such as CSS3, HTML5 and database access (SQL).

We have experience with many common wordpress plugins (which are written in PHP), and have even created many of our own!

We are also familiar with PHP frameworks such as CodeIgnitor and CakePHP. We are adept with object oriented concepts such as the Model-View-Controller and other patterns of software design.

Mobile Apps

J-Tech 10 has the capabilities to create apps that can run on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. We can create apps for the iPhone or Android phones.

A mobile app can allow visitors to view your web site content in a format that is more suited to their device. It can also add functionality that is merely supplemental to your existing site.