On this page you will find the different types of services offered by J-Tech 10.

For most of our customers we are simply their web host. You’ll find our web hosting services listed first in this overview.

However, many of our customers select J-Tech 10 to manage other critical services, even if their web site is hosted on another system. Please see the listings of other services we provide just after the section on web hosting.

At J-Tech 10 we want you to have the best experience possible with your web site. We want to be your web host, but it is also our pleasure to provide site management services even when the site is hosted elsewhere.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate you considering J-Tech 10 to help you manage your web site.

Web Hosting Services

J-Tech 10 maintains 2 state-of-the-art Linux web servers. Our servers are very well maintained, our system has fast response times and lots of bandwidth.

These are just some of the web hosting services that J-Tech 10 can provide for you and your business.

Personal Professional Business
Price $50/yr $100/yr $150/yr
Physical Resources
Disk Space 5GB 10GB 15GB
Monthly Transfer 50GB 100GB 150GB
Domain Resources
Sub-domains 5 10 15
Parked Domains 5 10 15
Add-on Domains 5 10 15
Database Resources
MySql Databases 5 10 15
PhpMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes
Email Services *
Custom MX record Yes Yes Yes
File Management
File Manager in cPanel Yes Yes Yes
Password Protect Directories Yes Yes Yes
Backup Wizard in cPanel Yes Yes Yes
Regular System Backups Yes Yes Yes
Software Installations
WordPress Yes Yes Yes
Joomla! Yes Yes Yes
Drupal Yes Yes Yes

* Notes about Email

J-Tech 10 does not offer to host email, but we do allow you to enter a custom MX (mail exchange) record. You may consider getting email hosting with a 3rd party such as Google Business Apss, Rackspace Email Hosting or our favorite Zoho! The custom MX record makes that a snap.

Web Site Software Installations

We can set a site up with pre-installed software to get you started on a system that you build, or we can work with other parties to create your site completely so that it’s ready to start using.

These services are usually a one-time fee, but may vary depending on copmlexity.

Installation Price
Installation of WordPress (inlcuding several basic, common plugins) $50
Installation of Joomla! (inlcuding several basic, common extensions) $50
Installation of Drupal. $50
Copy content from an old web site into WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal.(IMPORTANT! You must own the copy rights.) $100 (ten page limit)

WordPress Management Services

At J-Tech 10, we love WordPress! We are very familiar with the inner workings of the WordPress core and most of the common plugins. We even have some plugins of our own that we use when building a web site.

These are just some of the WordPress Management Services we can provide.

Month Quarter Year
Single Installation* $20 $40 $120
Multisite Installation * $20 + $2/child site $40 + $4/child site $120 + $12/child site
* These prices do not include web hosting. J-Tech 10 can host your site or we can manage a WordPress installation that is hosted on another system.


Regular Updates
Updates done weekly – every Saturday.
Update WordPress Core
Update All Plugins
Testing After Updates
After updating WordPress core, open all top-level pages of the site to see that the site is not broken.
After updating any plugin, open all relevant pages to see that they work properly.
Licence Management
Many WordPress plugins are free, many are not. If you pay a license fee we will make sure it’s working properly and let you know when it needs to be renewed.
We will maintain an up-to-date list of the licenses you have, their costs and expiration dates.
Comment / Spam Management
Many of our customers want to keep “comments” turned on so they can hear from their adoring public. This does provide a way for spammers to spam away. Along with regular updates (done weekly) we will also check the comments over for spam. We will approve comments that don’t appear to be spam and trash the ones that do.

HTML/CSS Services

At J-Tech 10 we know HTML. We also know CSS. We’re not designers, we are developers. We can restructure your site to load faster and be more visible to search engines. But we don’t take pictures, we don’t pick out background colors or pretty buttons. That is all up to you and perhaps a third party known as a “site designer”. (That’s a very specific term.)

A good analogy to help understanding where we might fit into your HTML and CSS needs is an analogy between a company that builds a house and a company that decorates that house. One company does the structural work and the other makes it look good.

We are like the builders. We can build the framework of your site, but you have to design it yourself or with someone with a “good eye” for that sort of thing.

Many of our customers use us to convert old HTML to the newer version (HTML4 to HTML5). We also do layout restructuring and search engine optimization.

Our rate is $45/hr. We track our time and give you regular reports, or we can use any time clock system that you choose, such as oDesk or Elance.

Programming Service

Very similar to our HTML and CSS services, we at J-Tech 10 are very proficient programming for the web. We employ two different languages – PHP and Javascript. These can be used to connect to databases, other resources around the web and a whole lot more.

These languages are what we use when we create our own plugins for WordPress and our own components for Joomla!.

Our rate for programming is $65/hr. Just as with the previous section, we track our time and give you regular reports, or we can use any time clock system that you choose, such as oDesk or Elance.